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Studios Tsirtsirikos

Studios - Toroni Tsitsirikos

Apartments, Rooms, Accommodations

Toroni Tsitsirikos Halkidiki

Tel: +30.23750.51318   FAX +30.23750.51188   Mob: +30.699.712.63.13  

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Rooms Asteris

       The Rooms Asteris of the Studios Tsitsirikos consist of one or two areas of the apartments with their own bathroom. Each one of them has a kitchen where you can enjoy yourself and your family breakfast or even lunch. The kitchens are fully equipped for you to not only prepare your breakfast but any meal of the day. The Rooms Asteris have single beds and  / or comfortable double beds were our visitors can relax any time of the day. There is air conditioning and balcony. Below you can see some photos of these Rooms Asteris of the Studios Tsitsirikos which waiting for you to enjoy your vacation!

Click on a photo to zoom in!

Click on a photo to zoom in!


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